Thursday, April 4, 2013

Please Provide Feedback

I have used your reactions that you have recorded at the end of each blog post to judge what topics you find more and less interesting.  (The ratings are 'Interesting!', 'So So', and 'Not Interesting'.)  Unfortunately, the tool that records the ratings appears to not be working correctly.  For the last post, there were four 'Interesting!' twelve hours after I posted, then just two the next day, then zero for several days, and now just one.  Unless readers are going back and changing their votes, the tally is randomly dropping votes.

I'll retain this tool for a bit longer in case it starts working again.  In the meantime, please leave comments letting me know your reaction to posts.

Thank you!


  1. All your posts are interesting. :) Seriously, I tend read as opposed to commenting, but I wanted to say that the work you are doing is very valuable. Please keep at it!

  2. I am reading your blog in a RSS reader, so tools and comment forms are useless to gauge my interest, unfortunately.

    I can tell you directly that I am following the posts and I am mainly interested in the space exploration, utilization and colonizing of the inner Solar system in the timeframe of my own lifetime.