Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bruce Moomaw - AGU abstracts

The abstracts themselves are now available ( ), and I've gone through them looking for things that might interest you -- or at least, they interested me. There are a few genuine lulus, which I'll leave you the pleasure of picking out from the following list of abstracts on various subjects that I found interesting.

Mars (general): P41B-1365; P41B-1373; P44A-02

Early Mars habitability: P43D-01; P43D-02; P44C-05; P53B-1455

Phoenix: P13F-01 (Some new information is in the abstract itself!)

Mars carbonates (and how they may have coexisted with the sulfates): P31D-05; P43D-05; P43B-1392; P43B-1396;

Mars Science Laboratory: P43D-03; P51A-1391

Martian chemical fossil evidence: P51A-1398; P54A-04

Ceres: P51C-1424

Io: P43A-1388; P43A-1390

Europa (longevity of ocean): P31C-01

Saturn's rings (composition): P32A-02

Janus: P32A-07

Enceladus (general): P13D-02; P13D-04; P13D-08; P14A-04; P23B-1364; P23B-1365; P23B-1369; P23B-1370

Enceladus (ocean salts): P14A-03; P23B-1371; P23B-1383

Rhea (possible ring): P32A-03; P32A-04

Titan: P11D-01; P11D-06; P11D-04 (new surface composition candidate); P21A-1313 and P52A-03 (the last two are connected in a big way)

Iapetus: P31C-08

Pluto: P51C-1425

Early Earth: P33D-01; P33D-02

Extrasolar planets: P13C-1327; P13C-1332; P13C-1333; P33D-08

Spacecraft design: P33A-1439; P51C-1426; P53C-1471

There are also three more that link up with Chris McKay's recorded 49-minute Oct. 6 talk on the astrobiological significance of the Phoenix findings -- which is very good, although with the caution that it runs 110 Mbytes: . I may summarize his conclusions later on for those who don't want to go to that much download trouble -- but in any case, the relevant AGU abstracts are:

P11A-1235; P41A-1347; P51B-1417.

Actually, let me go ahead and name the other abstracts that really jumped out at me. Besides those regarding Enceladus' possible ocean salts, take a look at the Titan abstracts (especially the two connected ones); those on Saturn's rings and Iapetus (the latter turns out to have an entirely new major surprise for us); and the one on the possible recent origin of Europa's ocean. The abstracts taking varying views of the possible habitability of Noachian-era Mars also make a nice set.

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