Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Take at Decadal Survey Priorities

Another blogger has started his own prioritization of missions under consideration by the Decadal Survey.  Ray states that he will make his selections based "in the context of our overall exploration and development of space.  A mission that helps NASA's human spaceflight program (whether Vision for Space Exploration, Flexible Path to Mars, or other approach) and/or traditional and new commercial space efforts will have an edge in my evaluation."

As I've said in my posts, the goal in presenting my priority list is to use the exercise to provide a way of examining the choices in the hope that a well reasoned argument helps you decide on your own priorities.  This other blog starts from a different set of priorities and reaches different conclusions than I have.  I encourage you to read his selections.

You can find the blog at Vision Restoration, which appears to primarily focus on manned spaceflight.

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