Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bruce Moomaw has Passed Away

I learned today that Bruce Moomaw passed away  in February. 

Bruce had a long standing interest in planetary exploration and the planning of future missions.  His many detailed analyzes of future mission planning at Space Daily reawakened my own interest.  When I began this blog, I had hoped that Bruce would be a regular contributor, and he contributed as his health permitted. 

Bruce was enthusiastic and committed to seeing planetary exploration continue.  He frequently held strong opinions on what the right course would be, and I often learned more from his defense of those explanations than I did from simply reading the factual descriptions of the options.

I never met Bruce, but I came to look forward to his articles and e-mails.  His contributions will be missed.

Bruce loved to write about planetary exploration.  I can think of no better tribute than to provide links to the major posts he contributed to this blog.  You can find many more of his articles at SpaceDaily.

SAGE New Frontiers Proposal (Enhanced)

Osiris-Rex New Frontiers Proposal

New Mars Sample Return Plan

New Mars Sample Return Mission - Part Two

First Response to a Galilean Satellite Observer

A Cheaper Way to Measure Venus Surface Composition?

Options for Exploring Venus in Smaller Chunks

Venus Flagship Proposal


  1. Bruce will be much missed, his insight and sharply critical eye for detail made for fascinating reading.

  2. Indeed he will. Thanks for letting us knw, VJ.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this...I am Bruce's cousin...we are (were) the same age...our Father's were brothers. We (his Michigan Family) learned he had passed away when I sent him a birthday card (April 12th) and received a letter back telling us they had heard he had passed away and asked me to confirm it. After checking it out, I was greatly saddened to tell them it was true.

    LOVE reading your comments...

    Thanks for being his friends!



  4. Bruce's passion and sharp insight will be deeply missed. I think that he inspired many of us to examine our conclusions with his thorough analyses. He leaves a gap in our community. May he rest in peace.

  5. Bruce was brilliant, and insightful, and he really cared. He *will* be missed.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I am Bruce's niece and currently caring for his mother. I have found it difficult to find contact information to let his friends, colleagues and fellow space enthusiasts know of his passing.

    Space, Politics and knowledge of any sort was his passion and life. While he would have shunned the accolades openly, it is truly what drove him. Your positive thoughts and words are very appreciated by his family.

  7. I never met Bruce either, but he was always eager to share his knowledge and opinions. My condolences to his family and friends, and I'll miss his writing.

  8. Very, very sad. I never encountered anyone with more of a passion for space exploration.

  9. I knew Bruce for nearly 30 years. He had a fascinating and singular intellect -- and could make me laugh as few people have ever done. I am mourning a great mind and a great friend.

  10. I have just now learned of Bruce's passing and I am deeply saddened by it. I never met Bruce in person, but his passion and ability to intelligently discuss things with me, even when we were on opposite sides, taught me much about myself. I last heard from Bruce in January, and had emailed him several times since then trying to contact him.

    Although I never met him or even heard his voice, I considered him to be a dear friend. I will always miss our discussions on both space and politics. I learned a lot from you Bruce, thanks for the time. Rest in peace my friend.