Monday, September 14, 2009

Results of Poll

I've had a poll that closed a couple of days ago on the blog. The results are:

The in-depth exploration of Mars over the last dozen plus years has lead to a revolution in our understanding of that world. Which world(s) would you like to see as the next target of a focus exploration program?

38 (17%)
The moon
18 (8%)
15 (6%)
2 (0%)
Jovian system
49 (22%)
84 (37%)
16 (7%)
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 222

Titan and Enceladus have been long favorites in this poll, as have Venus and the Jovian System. It is easy to envision multiple missions to any of these destinations. It will be interesting to see if the Decadal Survey picks a clear winner for focused attention (and if it does, it may well continue to be Mars).

Another poll is still open at the blog:

Which New Frontiers Mission do you favor?

South Pole -- Aitken Basin Sample Return
17 (10%)
Venus in Situ Explorer
71 (42%)
Comet Surface Sample Return
12 (7%)
Network Science
4 (2%)
Trojan/Centaur Reconnaissance
11 (6%)
Asteroid Rover/Sample Return
12 (7%)
Io Observer
24 (14%)
Ganymede Observer
15 (9%)

Vote on this poll Votes so far: 166

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