Sunday, December 27, 2009

AGU: The Science

(This is a repost of an entry whose formatting became screwed up beyond my ability to fix.)

Ryan Anderson at The Martian Chronicles has been blogging about the science results reported at the AGU conference.  I missed many of these sessions, and found his blogs to be crisp, comprehensive (of the major results), and well written.  This conference is so vast that no one can go to all the planetary talks and posters, but his blog is a good start.

AGU 2009 – Day 1
AGU 2009 – Day 2
AGU 2009 – Day 3: Venus and the Moon
AGU 2009: Day 3 – Astrobiology and Society
AGU 2009: Day 4 – Enceladus and Exoplanets

In addition, the conference has posted a number of talks on the web.  I found the talk on Mars -- Mars Exploration: Bridging Our Past and Future Presented by Jean-Pierre Bibring -- informative about the importance of studying Mars and that planet's early history, and plan to work my way through the climate talks this week.

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