Sunday, October 19, 2008


Since the approval and funding of planetary missions has to go through the political process, discussions on this topic are not appropriate for UMSF. To provide a place for these discussions, I'm starting a blog on this topic. I'll be the only one able to initiate topics, but will post (anonymously if requested and appropriate) material from others on these topics. Just send me an e-mail. A couple of the people on this mailing list have had lots of excellent contributions in the past. Anyone can comment on the postings.

Because this tends to be a period topic when news occurs, postings will be period. I will try to remember to send out a notice when I do post. If there is a particularly hot or important posting, I'll put a brief notice and link on UMSF, too.

Discussions of how politics affect future planetary missions are allowed. Vigorous debate of ideas and alternatives are encouraged. Trashing others personally will not be tolerated.

I hope that this will be the place for lively, informed discussion on these topics and a reference site of links and disucssions on this topic.

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  1. Thank you--I just discovered this blog and am already enjoying it immensely.